Our Story

It all started with a question. The same one you probably just said "yes" to.

"Will you marry me?"

And that was that. In addition to being head-over-heels in love and over-the-moon happy, we were engaged! An entire lifetime of wedded bliss was ahead of us. The only thing that stood in our way? Our wedding.

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There were guest lists to make. A gown to select. Details to determine. And it all needed to happen yesterday. That's because Taylor and I said "I do" to a short engagement...and it was the best decision we ever made. 

That doesn't mean everyone understood it, though.

When I flashed my engagement ring in March of 2013—then announced that I would be getting married in July of the same year—everyone had two questions: "Why?" and "How?" At that point, I honestly didn't know—but I figured I'd find plenty of information out there to help get my less-than-traditional planning process off the ground. Surprise! That information was nowhere to be found. Timelines spanning 12-18 months were the norm, meaning I had to basically wing my wedding planning process. This website and our eBook, How to Plan Your Wedding in Six Months or Less, were created so that you don't have to do the same!

This site has been stocked with time-crunched To-Do lists, edited planning information, real life love stories from other speedy couples, and so much more. We'll be shaking our pom poms from the sidelines as you complete your sprint toward the aisle. Cheers to exchanging the title of "fiance" for "wife" as soon as possible!


happy wife (except on laundry day) + author, How to Plan Your Wedding in Six Months or Less

About the Author

I was going to copy-and-paste my regular bio into this spot, but let's be honest—it's totally awkward/weird to talk about yourself in the third person. So let's do this more like an in-person meet and greet! I'm Karley Kiker, former speedy bride, current happy wife, and author of How to Plan Your Wedding in Six Months or Less. I'm not a wedding planner, but I did plan my own wedding. I also manage social media and blogging for a prominent wedding planning company based in Dallas, Texas. In other words? I still think about rings and proposals and gowns and timelines on a daily basis, even though I said "I do" four years ago. I graduated from Pepperdine University in 2011 with a degree in Creative Writing and, to my parents' great joy, I actually use it. In addition to running AShortEngagement.com my husband and I own a boutique creative content + marketing company called Writefully Said. We LOVE to travel—we've been to 19 countries together and counting—and are always (always) dreaming about where our next adventure will take us. In my free time I love to paint and spend time (i.e. lay out and read books) on the beach.