Wedding Website Templates

New product alert!

I'm sure you're busy busy busy with wedding planning, so let's start with the TL;DR version of this update: we're now offering fully customizable wedding website templates!

Here are a few more details...

We currently have three templates available, each of which can be 100% customized to exactly match the look and feel of the event you're planning. The best news? There are no strings attached to your purchase!

-No membership fee to keep track of (slash forget to cancel)
-No requirement to retain our credit line or any form of our branding (AKA, nothing that will cheapen or take away from the look of your personalized site)
-NO limits to the aesthetic or layout you want to achieve! 

And here's the WHOLE story...

I first published my wedding planning book, Hitched in a Hurry—now “How to Plan Your Wedding in Six Months or Less”—in 2014 after planning my own wedding in just 4.5 months. That same year, I made the leap from freelance writer and designer to business owner when my husband and I officially incorporated our creative agency, Writefully Said

These completely customizable wedding website templates are a literal *marriage* of everything we’ve worked on together for the last decade (pardon the pun, but…how could I not?!). 

For 10 years, we’ve been encouraging couples that short engagements are both possible and enjoyable through our book and the growing collection of resources available at And over that same span of time, we’ve also been designing brands and websites for hundreds of highly-acclaimed event industry professionals via Writefully Said. These two business babies of ours have always run parallel…but when we started getting direct requests from luxury event pros + brides to design custom wedding websites, we realized it was (beyond) time for their paths to cross. 

The customizable wedding website template lightbulb went off almost immediately after we’d launched a couple of these custom sites. Our first question to ourselves was: “Why in the world didn’t we think of this earlier?” It was mostly rhetorical, but we still gave ourselves the courtesy of a response: Because other wedding website builders are out there—and they have been ever since creating a digital information hub for guests became a must-do for any engaged couple. 

But here’s the thing. The free wedding website builders from big brands like The Knot and Zola look…ahem…free (and the design styles haven’t really changed since we used one for our own wedding in 2013). And the newer boutique brands offering semi-custom wedding websites require a monthly subscription, or include a bunch of features couples might not actually need (what do e-cards and seating charts have to do with a wedding website, again?).

Clearly, there was a need for something different—which is why we said yes to our own proposal and funneled our decade of wedding world experience into the creation of three unique templates. Our customizable wedding website templates give you ALL the benefits of a fully custom wedding website…without ANY strings attached.  

We sincerely hope you find everything you’ve ever wanted in a wedding website template, plus a little bit more, in our template shop—until wedding date do you part. The design reins are in your hands, and we can’t WAIT to see how you make these templates your own!