Why I think Tim Tebow and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Will Have a Short Engagement + Wedding Predictions

Tim Tebow is recently engaged, and with everything I've got, I'm betting that he and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters are going to say "I do" to a short engagement! He's been waiting to find the right woman to date for a long time—much less marry—and now that he's found her, I have NO doubt that these two will make things officially-official as soon as possible.


Honestly, when I first heard that Tim Tebow was off the market, the Karley of 6 years ago needed a moment of silence to mourn his loss...ahem, engagement. Me and every other Christian female, right? But seriously, I am so happy for these two.

Funny enough, Timmy Tebs played a role in my own love story. It goes like this: I was home from college, single, and laying on my parents’ couch when I had the inspired idea to create a list on my iPhone titled “People I’d go on a date with.” Tim was the first name I wrote down #ofcourse. As I continued down the list, Taylor’s name randomly popped into my mind, which is weird because I hadn’t seen him since I was 15. I proceeded to walk into my dad’s office and say, “Give me a reason to contact Taylor Kiker.” He did, we reconnected, our families took a joint vacation together, we fell in love in a God-ordained kinda way, and we got married after a short 4.5-month engagement. (You can read the longer version of that story here.) So thank you, Tim, for headlining the list that led me to the love of my life. I’m so happy that you’ve found yours!

Now, back to the task at hand: pretending to plan Tim Tebow's dream wedding. Before we talk about some of the day-of details I'm expecting (hoping) to see, here are just a few of the reasons why I think Tim Tebow will have a short engagement!

Why I Think Tim Tebow Will Have a Short Engagement

1. He's a virgin. Starting with the obvious fact(s) since that's what the media is ALWAYS hyping. So, yes: Tim Tebow is a committed Christian and a very publicly-professed virgin! I can't speak to Tim's thoughts or experiences but I can speak to my own, so that's what I'll do for just a sec.

I, too, am a Christian who was a virgin before getting married. Before you get the idea that all Christians are just suppressed weirdos racing down the aisle to rip each other's clothes off, Taylor and I did not plan our wedding in 4.5 months so that we could have sex as soon as possible. We did, however, recognize that hanging out in that almost-married-but-not-yet realm of engagement for longer than necessary could make it easier to compromise physically. Taylor and I were doing deep dives on an emotional and spiritual level while we were dating and engaged, but the fullness of our physical connection had yet to be realized and brought to completion through marriage. We wanted to honor the Lord and each other leading up to the altar, and saying "yes" to a shorter engagement felt like a really great way to achieve both of those aims. 

I'm no mind reader, but I can imagine Tim taking a similar view!

2. Tim and Demi-Leigh moved quickly in their dating relationship. Tims and Dems (do you think they're cool with me calling them that?) had only been dating for 9 months when he popped the question. He knows what he wants (a lifetime of marriage) and who he wants it with (Demi). I can't imagine him putting the brakes on now that they're so close to the finish line—which, really, is the starting line of the very best part...their life together as husband and wife! It's clear that these two really value marriage, and for that reason, I don't see them delaying the official beginning of their life together. 

3. Short engagements really aren't that out-of-the-box anymore. I honestly think people are over the "12-18 month" planning timeline. This includes celebrities! Super recent example: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra got engaged in July of 2018 and exchanged vows in early December in a lavish multi-day celebration. And then there's Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin-now-Bieber, who tied the knot in a civil ceremony just 2 months after getting engaged (supposedly with a larger party soon to come). There's a lot of precedent for just getting the thing done, and I can see Tim and Demi-Leigh AND their (lucky, presumably celeb) wedding planner being encouraged by that fact!

4. Tim sorta already said he wants a short engagement. His direct quote to PEOPLE magazine was, "I’m really ready to get married, like, any time now, but we can make sure that it’s exactly what she wants.” So basically, it's on.

Okay, those are all the reasons why I think Tim Tebow is going to have a short engagement. Now, just for fun, let's think about what Tim and Demi-Leigh's wedding might actually look like!

Playing Pretend: What Tim Tebow and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters' Wedding Might Look Like

Photos via @timtebow on Instagram, @demileighnp on Instagram, Grace Loves Lace, Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, and @dfwevents on Instagram as photographed by Grant Daniels Photography

Demi-Leigh's Wedding Gown

Demi-Leigh is absolutely stunning, and she's worn a lot of insanely glam gowns thanks to her role as both Miss South Africa and Miss Universe. It might be tempting to assume she'll draw inspiration for her wedding gown from some of her previous pageant wear, but my gut says she'll go with something completely set apart from those styles. 

Having competed in pageants myself, there are just different considerations in mind when you're choosing a competition gown versus a wedding gown. Again, purely going off personal experience here, but when I competed at Miss Texas I was looking for a gown that would show off my figure and physical features to their best advantage. What kind of material would best catch the stage lights? What silhouette would wow the judges and make me stand out from other girls on stage? By contrast, when I was shopping for a wedding dress, I was just looking for something that made me feel like me. And that meant selecting a simple, empire-waist gown with pockets over the more form-fitting styles I had worn during competitions.

Back to Demi-Leigh: Tim told PEOPLE magazine that the 7.25-carat ring he recently slipped onto her finger is "internally flawless, just like her." Le sigh. THAT is what he loves most about his bride-to-be (her heart and spirit), and THAT is what I think is going to shine through on Demi-Leigh's wedding day!   

Grace Loves Lace Coco Gown

The Wedding Location + Venue

According to PEOPLE, Tim and Demi-Leigh are currently considering a destination wedding "possibly in the Caribbean," so let's go in that direction...with a twist. I'm wondering if the Caribbean thing is a red herring, and because of that, I'm going to plan their dream destination wedding in beautiful Seychelles. Since it's located off the coast of Africa, getting to the Seychelles archipelago will be convenient for Demi-Leigh's South African family and I'm sure that Tim's supportive family is up for the adventure of traveling to an exotic locale. Seychelles is blessed with a year-round tropical climate, which suits the short engagement timeline I've given them—there's no need to wait around for ideal temps, because perfection is ever-present!  

Now, for the venue. Since (in my mind) they'll be planning their wedding quickly, I'm going to recommend that they choose to say "I do" at a luxury resort like the Four Seasons Seychelles, which will be able to offer turn-key service in the event production department. When planning a destination wedding on a short engagement timeline, it's helpful to consolidate your vendor list as much as possible. By choosing to wed at an established and respected resort like the Four Seasons, Tim and Demi-Leigh will gain immediate access not only to gorgeous venue spaces, but to world-class catering services and pastry chefs as well. For their honeymoon, I'm recommending an escape to the more intimate Fregate Island Private—literally my dream vacation destination! 

Wedding at FS Seychelles | Photo via Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

The Color Palette + Decor

Now THIS is where I think it's appropriate to take a few cues from Demi-Leigh's pageant background and overall sense of personal style. As the gown she chose for her final walk as Miss Universe demonstrates, this girl is not afraid of color. 


Overall, though, she seems to favor dusty neutrals ranging from cream, to wheat, to burnished bronze and gold—ultimately this is the color palette I think she'll go with. It pairs so beautifully with the natural greens and blues of a destination venue, too, as seen in the below inspiration photo from DFW Events!

All photos via @demileighnp on Instagram

Personal Touches and Details 

During the ceremony, I expect guests to hear a Gospel presentation that speaks to marriage as a symbol of Christ loving the church. I believe their Christian wedding vows will reflect this Gospel message as well! These two both have such big hearts and are very involved with a variety of non-profits and charitable endeavors. I can definitely imagine Tim and Demi-Leigh celebrating their nuptials alongside attendees from previous Night to Shine events, and asking that donations be given to the Tim Tebow Foundation in lieu of traditional wedding gifts. Last but not least, just for fun, when it comes to the groom's cake I'm imagining an edible Heisman Trophy lookalike with a baseball bat propped up against it to speak to Tim's passions past and present! 

I could go on and on, but I think that's probably enough fantasizing for one day. I pray that these two will continue to bless others and point to Christ in and through their marriage and the way they love one another. Cheers to the happy couple...I, for one, can't wait to see what their wedding day is REALLY like! 


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