Short Engagement Conversations: The Importance of Pre-Marital Counseling (Part I)

I've interviewed quite a few brides who planned weddings in six months or less (most recently: Stephanie), and each time I do, the same subject seems to come up.

Pre-marital counseling.

It makes sense. No matter the length of your engagement, wedding planning is STRESSFUL, y'all! There are details to determine. Family schedules + opinions to take into consideration. Impending major life changes to consider. A honeymoon to book. Passports to renew. The list goes on.

But the thing is, the wedding is just the very, very beginning of the story. After the 24 hours of your "Big Day" have come and gone, you'll be left with a marriage. A marriage that needs a strong foundation to survive every last one of those proverbial storms of life. With that said, I can't over-emphasize how important I think pre-marital counseling is for every couple—whether you're planning to be engaged for six years, six months, or six weeks!

Press play on this week's vlog for the complete scoop on pre-marital counseling: what it is, why it's important, and topics you can expect to discuss within the confines of your session (from communication, to finances, to sexual histories and expectations, to goal setting as a team). 

Convinced this is important and feel like doing a little prep work at home? Click the button below to download our free "Preparing for Pre-Marital Counseling" Conversation Guide, which includes a special excerpt from our comprehensive wedding planning eBook—an interview with our pre-marital counselor! 

When you're finished, click on over to part II of this series: recommended resources



VLOG: The Importance of Pre-Marital Counseling | Part I 

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