The Short Engagement Guide to Guest Gifting

From perusing the perfect pots and pans to searching for wonderful window treatments, there aren’t many things in life more fun than building your wedding registry. While it’s easy to get caught up in spending time with your sweetie while making sure to scan everything you could possibly need, don’t forget—‘tis always better to give than to receive. Even when it comes to your big day. 

Pay attention to any opportunities you get to be generous over the course of your short engagement. Gracious gift-giving is a great way to lift your spirits, show your gratitude, and make your betrothal even more beautiful. From the bridal party and groomsmen to your parents and guests, there are a plethora of products out there to make sure everyone who helps in your race to the altar feels appreciated and loved while they cheer from the sidelines. 


Bridesmaid Tumblers

Bridesmaid Tumbler | $14

From your wedding shower to the bachelorette party, a short engagement can be as stressful for your besties as it is for the bride. It’s natural for all the lovely ladies in your bridal party to be invested in your nuptials but it’s still nice to go out of your way to show them how much you care about the fact that they care. There are tons of easy and affordable ways to set your bridesmaids apart from the pack with little gifts that show your appreciation.

Consider giving your ladies a gift they can carry with them and use throughout the planning process. This bridesmaid’s tumbler is the perfect example. From wedding dress fittings to the ceremony’s toast, this gift is adorable, affordable, and the perfect way to remind all the members of your party how much their presence means to you every step of the way.  


Bottle Lables

Bottle Labels | $12

While guys’ gifting can be complicated, stick with the obvious for your groomsmen’s gifts to save precious time during your short engagement. Sure, there are cufflinks, neckties, and everything in between but, want to know what guys really appreciate when it’s all said and done? A gift they’ll actually use! Grab a few bottles of your groomsmen’s favorite spirits and some of these labels for a classy-looking liquor that is sure to make your guy’s guys feel appreciated and cheery.


Makeup Bag

Make-Up Bag | Set of 2 | $12

If anyone deserves some extra love during your short engagement, it’s definitely all of the moms involved. When it comes to gift-giving before your nuptials, make sure not to neglect any of the future mothers-in-law. These make-up bags come in sets of two to ensure both the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom know how important they are to you as a couple. Not only will these cute totes show both ladies how much you care, but they’re a great way to add a smile to their faces as they primp, preen, and prepare on the big day of your soiree. 



Whiskey Decanter | $15

Dads definitely deal with a lot during the planning process, too. While we all dream of finding the dads in our lives the perfect present, as I said earlier–when you’re buying men’s gifts on a tiny timeline, it’s usually best to stick to the basics. These whiskey decanters for dad are the perfect way to show appreciation to both your own father and your future dad-in-law. The timeless aesthetic and high quality of this gift belies its affordable price and makes it perfect for every dad’s kitchen, bar, or office.


Guest Bottles

While personalized party favors have been all the rage, an unexpectedly unique gift is always a treat for guests. These mini mason jars make it easy to personalize gifts in an unpredictable way. Buy your favorite coffee beans in bulk to allow each guest to try a cup of the couple’s fave brew at home. Do you or the future Mr. You have a recipe you swear by? Fill the jars with any necessary spices and provide guests with the recipe. From your favorite wine to your favorite flower seeds, these glass jars are a great way to provide perfectly personalized gifts–no printing or monograms required.    



Photo Booth Props | $14

The point of providing wedding favors to your precious guests is to remind them of the precious time they had at your wedding. What better way is there to help guests capture the fun than a picture? They are worth a thousand words, after all. This set of wedding photo props is a great way to encourage guests to smile for the camera—and actually enjoy doing it! Whether you pass around a Polaroid or set up a booth, guests will have tons of fun making memories that they can take home with them when the magic ends.

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