The Number One Goal for a Great Wedding Experience? Guest Comfort

Whether you’re getting married in three months or nine, it’s hard to plan a wedding in under a year without ending up super stressed at some point. When you’re fixated on planning the perfect party, it’s so easy to end up frustrated and frazzled. If you’re starting to feel the pressure, it’s totally okay to take a step back from the planning process and gain some perspective. 

Take a break from frantically scrolling Pinterest. Stop Googling gowns. Put down the planner. Now, breathe. Think about the best times you’ve had at weddings in the past. As you recall any elegant event or spectacular soiree you’ve attended, you’ll soon realize that these exquisite experiences were not shaped by one specific design detail. No matter how gorgeous the groom’s cake or lovely the linens, guests are going to cherish a warm atmosphere focused on their comfort more than any other part of any party you plan.

As you embark on your engagement, keep your guests’ experience in mind to ensure the festivities are fun, magic memories are made, and you can stay sane during the hustle and bustle of your betrothal.   


Name Tags

Name Tags | $11

One of the most effective ways to ensure contentedness and comfort for all your guests is to make your wedding feel like the kind of place where everybody knows your name. Consider hosting a casual welcome party to allow guests to get acquainted before the big day. From out-of-towners to new friends and family, a meet-and-greet is a great way to introduce everybody and alleviate any awkwardness that can occur if you or your future mister happen to forget the name of your second cousin’s new wife—oops!

While there are a plethora of more formal options all over the internet, I love the whimsical design and variety of colors this set of name tags offers. Fill these in with calligraphy yourself or offer Sharpies and have guests write their own names–either way, there’s no better way to help guests feel the freedom to socialize than putting attendees on a first-name basis with each other. 



Bride & Groom Cornhole Bags | $18

Up the fun at your function by providing opportunities to play. Whether indoors or out, there are plenty of great games that will keep a grin on all your guests’ faces. Use large wood blocks to set up giant Jenga sets. Designate a corner of the prenuptial party to fun and games using coffee tables, sofas, decks of cards, and board games. 

Use any extra outdoor space to allow guests to have a great time playing cornhole while celebrating the happy couple. Add some wedding flavor to the fun and festivities with these cornhole bags that pay homage to the bride and groom. While there are plenty of super cute places to buy personalized boards online, ask your friends and family if they have some you can borrow before adding cornhole boards to the budget. 



Throw | $24

Add even more friendly vibes and fun to your welcome party (or informally chic reception) with these throws. Provide a picnic to your guests and use an assortment of these cloth cuties to provide guests with a grab-and-go seating option. No matter what type of party you have in the works, layering textiles like throw pillows and blankets are a great way to add comfort and glam to every picnic. 

Having your ceremony under the stars? Have a few of on hand for guests to use at your outdoor affair–no matter the season. Place throws around your winter ceremony’s seating to encourage guests to get close, comfortable, and cozy while you and your honey exchange vows. From shivering guests to a lack of lawn seating, these beautiful blankets are an effortless way to solve all sorts of problems and work wonders for a welcoming atmosphere.

Bamboo Fan

Bamboo Fans | $9

There’s nothing worse than spending all day primping and preening only to start perspiring the minute you arrive. If you’re having a summer wedding, nothing will bring guests more comfort and relief than a quick and reliable way to cool themselves off (before any makeup has the time to run). These handheld fans are a cute and colorful way to make every guest grateful for the creativity you used to help them stay cool. They’re also fun to dance with…but that’s just an added bonus.


Flip Flops

Wedding Flip Flops | $2/pair

By the end of the night, finding flip-flops on the dance floor is like finding an oasis in the desert. Show your thanks to all the ladies who put on their 4” heels to celebrate your love and keep the party going by putting a basket of dancing shoes out as the night progresses. This set of 52 flip-flops comes in sizes that range from 6 to 10. Choose from an array of colors to match any wedding’s palette or guest’s party dress. Comfortable shoes will help make sure the beat goes on and every dancer stays on the floor.

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