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Your wedding is around the corner, you’re knee-deep in Pinterest boards dedicated to every aspect of matrimony, and yet you honestly have no idea where to start when it comes to purchasing and planning decorations for the big day.

This was me about two months away from my wedding date - and I had yet to discover what I’m about to introduce to you today. Amazon Prime.

Wait, you already know about it? You’re subscribed to it, too? Okay, then. You’re, like, seven steps ahead of me when I was in your shoes - and my wedding turned out okay. I think it would have been much nicer and more convenient if I had used the magic of two-day shipping, though.

To help you lift your head above water and get you started, here are some products from that are a great foundation to anyone’s wedding-day decor.


No, this isn’t for sandwich-themed weddings.  This “sandwich board” is aptly named for all of the sandwich shops who use these chalkboards to advertise their menu.  For a wedding, however, these signs are perfect for displaying cute quotes, directions for parking, seating instructions, or even a wedding menu! No sandwiches required. I especially love the white-washed wood style, but if you’d rather have a different color frame there are plenty of affordable options on Amazon.


4-Pack Eucalyptus Garland

If there is one thing I could change about my own wedding decor, I‌ would definitely have added more greenery. These garlands are the perfect solution to add greenery to your centerpieces, archway, aisle, or guestbook table! The possibilities are pretty much endless, especially considering that eucalyptus is a gorgeous plant for every season. Although you won’t get the benefit of its calming aroma in these fake leaves, they add an ethereal vibe to any wedding. Pro tip: for the MOST natural results, mix them in with a few real strands of leaves. Your guests will never know the difference, and the sub will save you a ton of money!


Hexagon Wooden Ring Box

This may not be the first on your list of decorative items, but having a beautiful box for my rings is something I won’t regret. It made for beautiful photographs and a special keepsake that lasts long after the last sparkler goes out and your getaway car pulls out of the venue. I made mine, but if you aren’t super crafty with wood, then this box is absolutely perfect. I especially love its modern shape and artwork as well as its deep, walnut coloring.


Fresh Lavender Flowers

The versatility of dried flowers, especially lavender, makes it a perfect addition to wedding decor. I use the word decor loosely, because these flowers could be used as confetti, gift sachets, centerpiece accents, or a fragrant addition to your flower girl’s basket. They are the perfect biodegradable confetti, and they will make your venue smell absolutely heavenly!


Rustic Wood Place Card Holders

If your wedding will have a flare for the rustic and romantic, then these wood place card holders will be the perfect decor for buffet tables, guest seating, or anywhere that needs a label. They are minimal, but add dimension that simple paper or even small chalkboard signs can’t have on their own. Paired with greenery and perhaps even more wood-slice accents, these would be perfect to add to your wedding decor!


Geometric Terrarium Planter

You have the greenery, you have the wood, and you have dried flowers. To complete this rustic roundup, you are going to need something reminiscent of a crystal. Metallic, geometric, and perfect for centerpieces, these terrarium planters are the missing piece to any romantic wedding. The styling in the product photo is a little dated, but use your imagination with me. They would be absolutely STRIKING with fairy lights to bounce off the clean edges. Speaking of which…


Fairy Lights 2-Pack

There are a ton of options out there for fairy lights. They are perfect for dorm rooms and Christmas, but I think they stand out best in a romantic wedding. They add warmth and sparkle to match the bubbly feelings everyone gets when two hearts are made one. To help simplify your search, I found this set of two - complete with a remote control to help you and your family set the mood for both slow dances and a hype reception!

Decorating for your wedding can help set the mood, but remember that the most important part of that day is the commitment you make and the memories you take part in. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially during a short engagement. To help you step into this season confidently and able to focus on what’s most important, we have an all-inclusive guide on planning your wedding when time is of the essence.

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