Planning a Three-Day Wedding Weekend

Once you’re knee-deep in the wedding planning process and starting to feel the pressure, adding more festivities and fun to the wedding agenda probably seems counterintuitive. I get it. But, there are actually plenty of reasons to consider spreading your wedding celebration out over the course of a weekend–especially if your timeline is starting to feel tiny.

So often these days, blushing brides spend their engagements in a tizzy only to realize after their wonderful wedding whirlwind ends that the only problem was it was all over way too quickly. As your to-do list grows and your planner starts bursting, take a step back and remember the big picture. Your wedding is, first and foremost, a celebration of love with the people you love. 

With a little space and some two-day shipping, it’s super easy, totally affordable, and perfectly possible to spread your big day out over the course of a weekend. From a Friday night meet-and-greet to a Sunday morning send-off, use your short engagement to plan a wonderful experience, rather than stressing out over a single event. As you and your sweetheart sprint toward the altar, make sure to catch your breath, stay in stride, and ensure that all of your guests have the opportunity to get what they really came for–time with the cute couple! (And, okay, some cake.)

Wedding Guest Book

 Guestbook Wedding Set  | $42 

Short engagements can leave lots of your friends and family with short notice. If any of your invitees can’t make it to your big day, help guests avoid guilt by providing them with the opportunity to attend one of your other weekend-wedding affairs. Set up something like this totally precious guestbook alternative at the entrance to all your scheduled soirees over the course of the weekend. Friends and family who can’t make the actual vow exchange will love knowing they were still a cherished part of your party.


  String Lights | $8

Get the party started early with an effortlessly elegant evening the night before your I Do’s. For the happiest of happy hours, all you need is a few mixers for cocktails and a couple of decor details to create an intentionally inviting atmosphere. Whether on your parents’ patio, in a friend’s backyard, or strung up around your own dining room, these string lights are a super affordable way to add glitz, glam, and romance to any space. 


Eucalyptus Garland | $25

If buying centerpieces and decor for another wedding-related soiree seems senseless to you, look for gorgeous gems you can use over and over. While this eucalyptus garland with champagne faux flowers will definitely add wonder to all your pre-and post-wedding parties, it’s also versatile and pretty enough to decorate with again! Use it as a table runner for your Friday night festivities, a beautiful backdrop to Sunday’s brunch buffet, and then string it around your door every Easter for a festive foyer. Use it to decorate your friends’ future showers. Bring it out to add gorgeous greenery to any other party you may find yourself planning in the years to come.


Mimosa Bar

Mimosa Bar Set | $12

Make your first appearance as a married couple and give your friends and family the chance to sip champagne and send y’all off in style with a beautiful Sunday brunch. Pick up a plethora of pastries and use any of your leftover champagne to set up a mimosa bar. This mimosa bar decor is super cute and an easy way to set your send-off celebration apart. The DIY drink option keeps the ambiance light while making the setup a breeze. 


Stemless Champagne Glass

Stemless Champagne Flutes | $19

Take some time for one last toast with your guests before hurrying off to your honeymoon. This pack of stemless champagne flutes is the perfect way to serve guests their brunch beverages. Guests who couldn’t make the ceremony will definitely appreciate one last chance to raise their glasses, drop off gifts, and say their goodbyes to the happy couple the next morning. 


Ribbon Wands

Ribbon Wands | $21 

Choosing to have a Sunday morning departure doesn’t mean you should skip all the fun of a sparkling and joyous send-off. These ribbon wands will add whimsy and wonder to any post-nuptial party. Have guests grab a wand and head outside after making their mimosas to make sure that you and your sweetheart feel the love one last time as you celebrate your successfully short engagement and head into matrimonial bliss.


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