Introducing I Said Yasss T-Shirts for Engaged Gals!

Because "yes" just doesn't cut it anymore. #amiright 

I’m not gonna lie, “yaaasss” or any iteration thereof has been hovering around number two on my list of “Instagram-isms I most want to ban” for awhile now—narrowly edged out from the number one spot by “tribe,” closely followed by “I literally can’t even.” But with that said...

I really love these cheeky + on-fleeky t-shirts for brides-to-be, y'all. 

I designed these wedding t-shirts pretty late the other night—best guesstimate, around 11ish pm, which is typically when all the "is that a really good idea or is it just the pizza?" -type inspirations start doing backflips in my brain. Now that the printed samples have arrived on my doorstep and I've had the chance to throw them on the floor and take pictures of them (more elegantly referred to as "styling a flat lay"), I've's not the pizza. These are really stinkin' cute, you guys. 

I love the tanks for and fitted tees for summer (how cute would that racerback be as a swimsuit cover up?), and of course the men's tee is a must for cheesy couple pics. Styles for brides + grooms are all available in our shop! If you decide to rock one of our "I Said Yasss" t-shirts for your bachelorette or wedding weekend (or just any weekend!) be sure to let us know by tagging us on Instagram! @ashortengagement <3

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